Salcombe Engineered Wood | Wood Pecker Flooring | Taylors of Banchory

There’s nothing like soft, forgiving sand underfoot as you run towards a lapping tide, the breeze in your face and the fresh scent of sea spray on the air. This range takes inspiration from the sumptuous beach and placid waters of the Salcombe estuary.

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Available for fitting within 1-2 weeks or supply only within 1 week

Price per square metre £65.95

Available to Order

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With central or underfloor heating, solid wood floors can easily dry out and become warped. They are susceptible to expansion and contraction too. Engineered hardwood flooring is one of the wooden flooring types designed to overcome such problems. Our wood is still carefully selected from sustainable sources, but it’s cut and formed into three layers. The top layer provides the unique texture and strength of natural wood, a central core of softwood, high density fibreboard or plywood adds stability, and there’s a veneer underneath for balance. The resulting boards are gorgeous, and long lasting.

An engineered construction with just a top layer of real wood also helps the tree to go further, extending the resources available while providing a more stable floor. Meanwhile, our passion for wood’s natural qualities drives the finishing process. Our six ranges of engineered flooring each aim to capture a unique aspect of Britain’s natural environments while also reflecting our commitment to quality and affordability.