M.Lily Harmony Ortho Mattress

The Support of Pocket Springs, Comfort of Memory Foam and Control of Cool Gel. This mattress has it all. Designed with cool gel not to cool you, but to help you not over heat on those warmer nights. This all leads to a good nights sleep.

Available in Single, Double and King Size

Available to Order

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  • 2cm FR Quilted Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • 3cm FR Air-Flow Cool Gel Memory Foam
  • 3cm FR Comfort Foam
  • 14cm Pocket Spring from 1000 Series
    (with 2.0mm wire)
  • Unique Surround Support
  • Airtech border
  • 5cm FR Firm Flex Support Foam

Unique ‘Surround Support’

An exceptional jointed and rebated border foam which ensures maximum edge-to-edge support effectively increasing the sleeping surface by as much as 25%.

Airtech border

Ensures maximum airflow throughout the mattress to help create a comfortable nights sleep

Memory Foam

Memory Foam allows every square inch of the body to be supported and reduces skin pressure as a result. it enables natural movement at night, but adsorbs the energy normally transferred between partners, allowing for uninterrupted sleep, memory foam molds to the body and conforms to the body’s curves and then returns to its natural shape. in addition, genuine visco-elastic memory foam can improve the circulation of blood and oxygen allowing it to flow freely through the body, thus elimination tossing and turning.